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'Modern Warriors' Sound Off on Wokeness in the Military

'Modern Warriors' Sound Off on Wokeness in the Military: if we Prioritize Politics, 'We'll Lose the Next War'

Pete Hegseth hosted a special Veterans Day edition of Fox Nation's "Modern Warriors," focusing on wokeness in the military.

Former Apache helicopter pilot Wesley Hunt, retired U.S. Army Captain Jason Church, former Lieutenant Colonel Stu Scheller, and former Green Beret Rep. Michael Waltz, R-Fla., shared their perspective on changes in the military culture on "Modern Warriors: War on Warriors."

"It's very real. It's actually coming from the soldiers, from the cadets in terms of the outcry about what's happening," Rep. Waltz said. "A lot of recruits are saying, that's not what we signed up for, and it is tearing our military apart from the inside."

The Department of Defense and military schools have come under fire over efforts to push critical race theory and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion programs. Critics have argued this step is putting preparedness and strength on the back burner in favor of social justice efforts.

"Inevitably, if you have people who cannot perform the job in positions of real importance, that's when people die," Captain Jason Church shared. "So if we're prioritizing politics over military effectiveness and readiness, we will lose the next war."

"modern warriors" is now streaming on fox nation, telling the stories of america's veterans.


On the special episode of Fox Nation's "Modern Warriors," the four veterans also shared with Hegseth that the emphasis within the military should be on meeting standards, not woke demands.

"It's about, this is the standard to be a Marine, this is the standard to be the best Air Force pilot that you can be or to be a Green Beret, and that's it," Rep. Waltz said. "You either meet the standard or you don't because that should be the military's sole objective, is, what is the standard that we need to have the best military members we can to defend the nation, to defeat our enemies."

"Everyone should subscribe to we want equality, we want one standard that we think, if you want to be an infantry officer, if you want to be an Apache pilot, if you want to be whatever it is, you have to achieve these standards," former Lieutenant Colonel Stu Scheller affirmed.

While the debate continues over woke ideology within the military, these veterans reflected on their time in service to the U.S. and what being a patriot is all about.

"It's a choice to go into combat arms that has nothing to do with your race, religion, color, or creed," former pilot Wesley Hunt said.

Catch this special edition of "Modern Warriors" with Pete Hegseth, streaming now on Fox Nation, to hear more from America's heroes.

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