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National Security Assessment: Marine’s GoPro footage that challenges Pentagon’s account of attack at Kabul airport

There’s a lot of news out there designed to anger people and distract from the real problems. For my mental sanity, I have stayed away from many recent headlines, congressional hearings, etc.

But there are some important points I need to make about the below headline. First, anyone who read the initial investigation of the Afghan attack knew it was done in a manner to protect the incompetence of leadership. I made a YouTube video about it titled Final Afghanistan. Thoughts on Afghanistan investigation two years ago.

Second, the failures of the military commanders at the general officer level during the Afghanistan withdrawal were inexcusable. Any military professional, or academic with an open mind, should be able to identify the failures. This article only illustrates one lie in a long list of mistakes. I’m still baffled how I was the only uniformed military member to address the failures real time. But even now, as I address the list of bad decisions, many of my peers still serving on active duty seem unconvinced. I’m not sure if it’s denial or Stockholm syndrome. Either way, the military needs an awakening, or a deep house cleaning.

General McKenzie can blame President Biden all he wants. General Milley can have Atlantic articles written about how he defended democracy against the evil President Trump, yet he was clearly complacent and incompetent. Secretary Austin can weaken the military in almost every way possible, but continue serving without accountability since his job is at the pleasure of the President. In the end, all three of these military professionals should have resigned after their failures like the Israeli Intelligence Chief Aharon.

And since war has broke out all over the world after President Biden’s failed foreign policy decisions, and we mentioned Israel… allow me to pontificate.

On October 7th, Sunni Muslims crossed into Israel and murdered 1,200 unarmed civilians. They kept some for hostages and rape. The Sunni Muslims living in this area, allowed the Hamas gang to build tunnels, and prepare the attack by omission or commission. Then Israel started bombing the area, recently referred to as Palestine, occupied by Hamas.

Yes, civilians who cook dinner for the terrorists make it difficult to separate the two. Can you imagine if a Mexican cartel built tunnels under the United States, killed over a thousand unarmed civilians, and brought women back to Mexico for rape?

Do you think if we bombed the buildings of the cartel, and killed civilians in the process, people would protest like they are now? When people can’t see good from evil… we are truly lost.

I have been to Israel where I clearly looked like a US Marine. The Israeli people told me they loved me and the United States. Multiple Sunni males went out of their way to tell me how they hated me and the United States.

US foreign policy is a disaster. I honestly don’t believe our country can survive another 4 years under President Biden. I will be voting for President Trump in 2024. I hope the first thing he does is clean house of the US military. He should look at all the generals… and say… you’re fired.

Stuart Scheller is a former USMC infantry officer and author of Crisis of Command: How We Lost Trust and Confidence in America’s Generals and Politicians.

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