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The State Department's Failures in the Afghanistan Withdrawal: Blinken's Blunder

Secretary of State Blinken

I submitted a quote for the Washington Examiner on Secretary of State Blinken's reluctance to turn over documents from the Afghanistan Withdrawal to the House Foreign Affairs Committee. I submitted the following quote but only had a short sound bite make the published version. I felt the longer quote was applicable and wanted to post it on my website. The quote I submitted is as follows:

The military’s Kabul bombing investigation illustrates how the State Department failed during the Afghanistan withdrawal. Secretary of State Blinken, a former Congressional staffer for Senator Biden, did not appear qualified for the job nor able to supervise his ambassadors. Blinken's firing of the Afghanistan Ambassador, Ambassador Wilson, during the largest evacuation in his Department’s history illustrates the ineptitude. It should also be noted that, astonishingly, Ambassador Wilson took two weeks of vacation in July 2021 while the entire world waited for him to declare the evacuation. Secretary Blinken was ultimately forced to send Ambassador Bass, the previous Afghanistan Ambassador, back to Kabul to oversee the evacuation. But Blinken, trying not to bring attention to his change in Ambassadors, left Ambassador Wilson in country after relieving him of his duties. Blinken’s facade created more confusion in a chaotic situation and undeniably cost lives. Secretary of State Blinken failed overseeing this operation from start to finish. Is it really a surprise that President Biden “reject[ed] this investigation” or that Secretary of State Blinken doesn’t want to release more details on his Department’s ineptitude?

The full article GOP demands Blinken contempt of Congress vote after Afghan cable deal falls short was written on May 23, 2023, and published by the Washington Examiner.

Stuart Scheller is a former USMC infantry officer and author of Crisis of Command: How We Lost Trust and Confidence in America’s Generals and Politicians.

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I fully agree with the prior comment by Paul Estrada.

Our country holds nobody in positions of authority or leadership accountable or responsible.

As a lowly sergeant in the USMC and especially a senior NCO in the USAF, I was completely held to account for my decisions.


Paul Estrada
Paul Estrada
May 25, 2023

I hope that Blinken (and others) will someday be held accountable. The chaotic withdrawal in Kabul caused hundreds of lives to perish, including our 13 Americans on 8/26/21. I'll never forget the sadness I felt welcoming home one of the Marines, L. Cpl. Kareem Nikoui at Ontario Airport. To all these brave souls, I'll be remembering them on Memorial Day.


Well put..blinken has been running biden, bidens entire political career..he is an enemy of america, the american system..and a perfect example of the entire failure of an administration this puppet president is.


Excellent article. Keep fighting the good fight, Stu!



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